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#13 Easy Dinner Ideas

This week’s dinner ideas include Mississippi Pot Roast, Tomato Mascarpone Sauce, Meaty Marinara Baked Pasta, Indian Lentil Curry, Italian Frittata Recipe With Peas, and Baked Teriyaki Chicken Thighs.

Mississippi Pot Roast

Everyone who tries this roast finds it beguiling and delicious. You’ll love the aroma of it cooking all day and you’ll definitely enjoy it for dinner, it’s one of the favorite roast recipes and there’s a good reason for it, it’s a delicious pot roast!

Tomato Mascarpone Sauce

This tomato and mascarpone sauce takes the traditional flavors of Italian tomato sauce–onion, garlic, Italian spices, and crushed tomatoes–and transforms them into a delicate, creamy, sweet, tangy sauce through the addition of mascarpone.

Meaty Marinara Baked Pasta

Ready in under an hour, this Meaty Marinara Pasta Bake is a delicious weeknight meal to serve your hungry family! It’s full of lean ground beef, tomato sauce, cheesy mozzarella, and your favorite pasta!

Indian Lentil Curry

Dal is one of the most popular dishes found in takeaways and restaurants all over India and beyond. Easy to make from just a few fragrant spices and finished with tempering and a smoky flavor, you will see why billions of people from the subcontinent call this their ultimate comfort food!

Italian Frittata Recipe With Peas

Italian frittata with peas is a quick and super delicious lunch idea, or an easy dinner idea.

Baked teriyaki chicken thighs

Super tender, this baked teriyaki chicken is coated in a sweet, gluten-free teriyaki sauce. This gluten-free dinner recipe uses boneless chicken thighs to make for easy weeknights!

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