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#16 Easy Dinner Ideas

This week’s dinner ideas include Crispy Air Fryer Cod, Salmon Mango Salad, Instant Pot Cabbage Roll Soup, Chickpea Cucumber Feta Salad, Pasta With Peas And Bacon, Cooked Teriyaki Salmon and Rice Poke Bowl, and Spicy Turkey Meatballs.

Crispy Air Fryer Cod

This air fryer fish recipe for crunchy cod fillets will have everyone running to the table for dinner in no time at all! This quick Air Fryer Cod recipe means no more deep-frying fish!

Salmon Mango Salad

This salmon mango salad recipe features juicy, ripe mango, pan-seared salmon, tart pickled onions, and a tangy, citrusy jalapeƱo honey lime dressing you’re going to love! Make it for meal prep or an impressive dinner.

Instant Pot Cabbage Roll Soup

This Instant Pot recipe is the perfect dinner to make when you don’t have a ton of time, but you want a ton of flavor in your dinner! Your electric pressure cooker does the hard work for you and you can enjoy a delicious dinner in no time!

Chickpea Cucumber Feta Salad

This chickpea cucumber feta salad is an epic summer salad that packs a punch of flavors and is so quick and easy to make. It is a delightful choice for the vegetarian crowd too. As a result, it is always a hit at potlucks and picnics.

Pasta With Peas And Bacon

The pasta is cooked directly in the sauce like a risotto, just like Pasta e fagioli and Pasta e patate; this step makes the pasta and peas creamy, incredibly tasty, perfectly seasoned and delicious!

Cooked Teriyaki Salmon and Rice Poke Bowl

Like the hand roll the kids always want from the sushi shop, but better, this cooked teriyaki salmon and rice poke bowl is so easy to make and tastes absolutely amazing. Hands down one of our favorite go-to meals on a busy night, this is loved by kids and adults alike.

Spicy Turkey Meatballs

Packed with protein and a fiery kick these whole 30 turkey meatballs make a great weeknight dinner! Baked in the oven to juicy perfection these meatballs make a great 30-minute dinner recipe and can even be prepped in advance!

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