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#18 Easy Dinner Ideas

This week’s dinner ideas include Instant Pot Chile Verde, Bloody Mary Shrimp, Instant Pot Stuffed Pepper Soup, Air Fryer Brined Whole Chicken Roast, Spinach Pie Recipe With Mozzarella & Feta Cheese, Quick Vietnamese Pork and Broccoli Rice Bowl, and Stovetop Venison Chili.

Instant Pot Chile Verde

Tender pieces of pork, pressured cooked in green chile enchilada sauce, with mushrooms, green chiles, and white rice make this a one-pot dinner you’ll love to make.

Bloody Mary Shrimp

This Bloody Mary Shrimp recipe takes the flavors from your favorite cocktail and turns it into a delicious weeknight dinner! With ripe cherry tomatoes, spicy horseradish, and plump shrimp, this is an easy, flavorful meal that will impress.

Instant Pot Stuffed Pepper Soup

Ready in under 30 minutes, this Instant Pot Stuffed Pepper Soup is a hearty and delicious weeknight dinner to make for the family!

Air Fryer Brined Whole Chicken Roast

Air Frying A Whole Chicken after brining, is the juiciest chicken roast recipe you can find. It is easy, healthy, and wholesome enough for a weeknight dinner that keeps the whole family happy. The insides stay juicy and succulent, and the outside skin turns crispy. The secret? Brining chicken to pump it up with moisture, and just enough salt. No more dry, tough chicken meat!

Spinach Pie Recipe With Mozzarella & Feta Cheese

Spinach pie, a crispy, golden shell with a stringy filling.

Just FEW INGREDIENTS, very fast, ready in 20 minutes: spinach pie, tasty puff pastry envelopes filled with spinach, mozzarella, and feta cheese.

Quick Vietnamese Pork and Broccoli Rice Bowl

This Quick Vietnamese Pork and Broccoli Bowl is the answer to that ever-recurring problem of what’s for dinner tonight. This light but filling meal comes together in just thirty minutes (less if you already have some riced broccoli stored in the freezer), is delicious and satisfying, and makes absolutely fantastic flavorful leftovers for lunch the next day. A grain bowl without the grains.

Stovetop Venison chili

A protein-loaded, comfort meal perfect for Sunday night dinner. This venison chili (also known as deer chili!) is packed full of classic flavor. Naturally gluten-free and easy to make, cozy up with a big bowl and warm up from head to toe.

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